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Cortinas de cristal solo cristal


Our mobile horizontal walls confer a different touch to spaces through the transparent glass and without down rail.

Our advanced system of individual sliding sheets can be closed to any side, saving some space. It can be closed or opened in great spaces, as well as all its surface in an easy and comfortable way.
The mechanism is in the upper part, which is why it does not need floor tracks. It is very safe to use and does not need any maintenance.

Special Technical
- Glazed transparent structure without vertical profile at the sides of the sheets.
- Glass thickness available in 10 and 12 mm depending on the aesthetic needs.
- Multi safety by screwed and bounded glazing.
- Wear and maintenance-free fittings.
- Optional sheet closure with handle with lock.

Application Areas
- Winter gardens.
- Cafes and restaurants.
- Shop passages.
- Shop unit or indoor distributors.
- Balconies and porches.